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Miyaobi Oriental Arts was in Kyoto in 2001, by Harumasa Miyashita, who trained at an art dealer in Kyobashi,Tokyo.
We have been dealing in masterpieces of Japanese art: tea ceremony utensils, calligraphy, paintings and antiques for over 20 years. Since the establishment, we have had three shops in Kyoto and one in Tokyo, with the support of influential people. We have sold art works to Art and History Museums in Japan and many private collectors.

Representative Director Harumasa Miyashita is also a tea master and the head of the Furuta Oribe tea school. Furuta Oribe was one of the most distinguished tea masters of the next generation of "Saint of tea ceremony"Sen-no-Rikyu.
He is also a historical, pottery and ancient document researcher. He has made several new historical discoveries relating to famous Samurai generals and cultural figures from the Azuchi-Momoyama to Edo periods.

In 2005, He established the Miyaobi Publishing Co, which deals with books on Japanese arts and crafts, historical figures, swords and armor, and the tea ceremony.
In 2022, he published a comprehensive catalog of works of art owned by the Tokugawa family, titled "Tokugawa Shogun Family Old Collection List". This catalog contributes to the Japanese art industry from an academic standpoint as well.

In 2014, He founded the Furuta Oribe Museum as the culmination of his research as head of the Furuta Oribe tea School. The museum holds special exhibitions of Oribe's calligraphy and art objects, mainly tea ceremony utensils favored by Oribe. Also, with the cooperation of the late Seizo Hayashiya, who was an honorary member of the Tokyo National Museum, and Osamu Kinoshita, director of the Kitamura Museum of Art in Kyoto, we held a large tea ceremony at Daitokuji Temple to mark the 400th anniversary of Furuta Oribe's death.

In 2015, Miyashita reconstructed the tea house "擁翠亭 Yousuitei", designed by Kobori Enshu, in his villa. This tea hut was built in the early Edo period in the residence of Got? Kanbei, an art engraver, and was a soan chashitsu (tea hut of frugal style) with the most windows in Japan.
It was built on the basis of the original blueprints and using the remaining old building materials. Because of its value, full-scale models were made and exhibited in Los Angeles, London, and Sao Paulo, which attracted attention.

In 2018, Miyashita established the film production company MIYAOBI Pictures, which, in 2021. produced and released a historical film "Nobutora-Samurai Tiger", starring Takeda Shingen's father, Takeda Nobutora, based on thorough historical studies. The film was internationally acclaimed and won the "Best Foreign Language Film Director" Award at the 2022 Madrid International Film Festival, and the "Best Original Screenplay" Award at the 2023 Nice International Film Festival.

As mentioned above, Miyashita continues to promote the value of traditional Japanese art, not only through the appraisal and sale of art, but also through various means and media such as tea ceremonies, publications, exhibitions and films.


宮帯美術 Miyaobi Oriental Arts

Specialize   Asian art, including the arts of Japan,
  Korea, and China.
  Mainly focusing on japanese tea ceremony art,
  the gallery also deals with folding screens,
  hanging scrolls,
  ceramics, and other crafts.
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